(4) Lawn Tractor Service
Stout's Mower Service
6130 Route 209
Stroudsburg, PA

Service Description

Our Basic Service for Garden Tractors includes the Following: 

Help unload and initial inspection by our staff. 

- Complete Walk around and Inspection

- Inspect Safety Features

- Clean or Replace Air Filter

- Clean or Replace Pre Cleaner

- Replace Oil Filter

- Change Oil

- Lubricate Grease Fittings

- Adjust Tire Pressure

- Check Battery and Charging System

- Clean Battery Posts

- Replace Spark Plug(s)

- Sharpen & Balance Blades

- Clean Under Mower Deck

- Check Spindle Bearings

- Level Mower Deck

- Replace Fuel Filter

- Adjust Carburetor as Needed

- Inspect Belts & Pulleys

- Blow Debris off Machine

- Test Run Unit

*Parts NOT included, additional charge for parts

      -Basic Service Package includes ONLY what is listed above. Any other repair work will be charged on an hourly basis. 

      -Pickup and Delivery are also an additional charge.

Storage Space is Limited.  Please pick up your lawnmower as soon as possible after you are called.  There is a storage charge of $2 Per Day on any mower that is not picked up within 15 days after notification.